The GWS Travel Sample site was initially developed to allow internal Galileo developers to use Web Services in their own development processes. The sample site is a result of the GWS development group's experiences with prototyping travel systems using the GWS services

The goal for the Sample Site is to provide sample code that is clear and concise, but complex enough to be of some real value to customers who are making the difficult design and architecture decisions that are always part of engineering systems based on new technology.

Each of the sub-systems that are present in the sample was developed by separate individuals or teams in GWS development, and then presented before the team to show how the architecture of the site had been expressed. While large differences in design have been normalized, the small details that make each sub-unit unique are well worth studying. In addition, the Sample Site simply shows the development team's methods for using GWS services; other valid methods for working with GWS are not precluded.

Please note : The Reservation Builder eBL and Trip Planner eBL are no longer being sold. The Trip Planner and Reservation Builder eBL functionality does not work in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) markets. Customers that currently use these products will continue to be supported.